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These are screenshots of this DannyWiiU guy commenting on videos of girls, as we all know he typically does.  But what’s very specific about these is that each of these girls is underage.  And considering I’ve read him make comments to ladies about how their burping “makes (me) hard”, I don’t think I have to take a very big imaginative jump in wondering what exactly he’s trying to accomplish even with these underage girls.  At no point has he threatened these young ladies (as far as I’ve been able to read), although as you can see at least one of them has had to block him for constantly begging her to burp.  The other girls are just girls who are young and goofing off making what they think are funny burping videos.  And he comments on their videos multiple times asking them to burp more and asking them for their usernames on other video apps and social networks.

Look, I can take care of myself just fine, if ever I needed to.  And many other women in our community are also very strong themselves.  We are forming our own case against this person for what he’s said to us specifically.  But that’s not the issue here.  Harassing women is one thing, but harassing young girls is especially heinous.  This is just plain not freaking right.  This cannot continue.  Somebody has to freaking do something.

Just to further drive home that Danny’s insistence upon burps isn’t just for harmless humor, this is him posting on a burp fetish forum within the last month.  His enjoyment of women burping is sexual in nature.

He’s also making rape threats as well as threatening to murder as well. This guy needs serious help

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